Enjoying a Serene Retirement: 3 Retirement Villa Features that Will Affect the Amount of Peace and Quiet You Enjoy

More and more Australians are retiring earlier and earlier. The most recent statistics show that the average age of retirement was 53.8 in 2012 Upon retiring, many Australians would like to spend the rest of their life enjoying some peace and quiet. The environment offered by retirement villas may be just what you're looking for.  If peace and quiet is a critical requirement for your retirement, look for these three features when on the market for a retirement villa..

Whether the Villas Are Located Along Flight Paths

A lot of beautiful retirement villas seem great on paper. When you visit the villas during their open houses, nothing may seem out of the ordinary. One of the most crucial questions that you should ask your realtor is whether the retirement villas are situated in a flight path. If it is, you'd be surprised at just how quickly your dreams of enjoying some peace and quiet can be shattered.

Whether the Villas are Secluded from Other Communities

Although you might have enjoyed partying when you were young, the older you get, the more you might want to avoid crowds. For the sake of getting some peace and quiet, consider whether the retirement villas are located in their own secluded area and whether they are located near other communities that are geared towards younger adults. For example, you should look to avoid geek communities near colleges and universities, as they tend to host many parties throughout the week.

The Type of Insulation Used as Construction Materials

One of the main benefits of living in retirement villas is being close to others that are near you. With that said, if you value peace and quiet, you probably also don't want to be able to hear what you neighbors are doing. Some seniors might not even notice how loud they can get while performing just normal daily chores.  If this is the case, you should consider the type of insulation that is used as a construction material. Loosely packed fiber, in particular, is great at soundproofing your home, so that you won't be bothered by external noises.  


There are plenty of retirement villas available. Get a good idea of the type of community you can enjoy by visiting the villas in person. Talk with the residents who are already living there to see whether you click with anyone or whether you feel comfortable with what the community has to offer.