Simple Tips for Preventing Rodent Infestations

Fewer thoughts strike fear in the hearts of homeowners more than rodent infestations. While pest control services are adept at banishing them, you may want to stop the problem from arising in the first place. Fortunately, there are some rodent control tips you can use to keep pesky critters at bay.

Make sure there are fewer places for them to hide

Whether it's junk gathering in an outdoor storage space or rubbish building in your garden, rodents love finding places to hide. This is especially important outdoors; however, indoor clutter is also worth addressing. If you do decide to have a clear out, try using rubbish disposal services or taking items to the dump rather than letting them gather outside. In addition, make sure all of your outdoor bins have lids, and try not to leave bags of rubbish outside without placing them into something more solid; rats will soon smell the food and break through the flimsy plastic.

Don't leave any enticing treats in their way

Rodents aren't fussy when it comes to food, which means you need to keep it out of their way. Leaving food scattered around attracts rodents in droves, so try taking the following approaches to keep them away:

  • Make sure all of your containers have lids with tight seals
  • Clear up your pet's food when it is finished eating
  • Fasten compost bins tightly 

Try adopting a predator of your own to guard your property

While humans feel as though cats are cute and fluffy, they are predators in the eyes of rodents. If you don't mind having an animal around the house, consider adopting or buying a cat. Those that are fed adequate meals will still seek out dietary supplementation, which means they'll start prowling for rats and mice that are threatening to invade your home. However, if you overfeed your cat, they won't take an interest, which means striking the right balance is essential.

Sometimes events outside your control lead to infestations, such as residents abandoning adjacent properties for a long period of time, neighbours allowing rubbish to gather in their gardens and hidden gaps appearing in your walls or pipes. When this happens, you may want to call a pest control service like Allstate Pest Control. Opting for rodent control at the beginning of the infestation reduces the risk of large nests forming, which makes the problem easier to handle. With a robust approach, your pest control team will combat the rodents and leave your home creature-free.