Asbestos Management Plans: 5 Facts ACT Residential Landlords Should Know

If you want to rent out residential property in ACT, you must consider the risk of asbestos exposure. Australian construction companies used asbestos extensively for several decades, and if your property was built before 1980, there's a high risk you may have asbestos to manage. An asbestos management plan can help you deal with the issue, but you need to strictly adhere to state regulations. Learn how to keep your tenants safe with the five following facts about asbestos management plans.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Buying In A Flood Zone: Four Elements To Investigate

If you have always dreamed of living along the coast or near a river bank, a buyer's advocate can help you find the house of your dreams. Before signing the mortgage and making the house your own, however, you need to do a bit of due diligence. With the help of your buyer's advocate, you need to gather information on the property, its history and any potential costs related to it being in a flood zone.

Three Tips To Consider Before You Buy A Holiday Home

Analysts predict that real estate investment will look attractive this year, thanks to lowering interest rates. Hot on the heels of your summer holidays, you may be considering purchasing a holiday home that you can enjoy each year and rent out when you are not using it. Before you do so, consider these three tips so that your investment is one that makes you money, rather than costing you dearly.